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"The issues facing credit union professionals today surround how different services marketing is from product marketing. The faculty highlights the nuances of how to strategically market financial services in this economy! More importantly, we focus on how to protect the core of the profitable membership and drive better bottom line results while setting the lead generation for next year!"

Nicolette Lemmon
Credit Union Marketing University

Credit Union Marketing University - Associated Faculty

John L. Schlacter (Ph.D., Ohio State University)
Professor of Marketing, Arizona State University
John L. Schlacter is Professor of Marketing in the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. John researches, teaches and consults in the areas of both marketing and management, including a special emphasis in services, and has more than 30 years of experience in these fields. The majority of his work has involved organizational development, motivation and leadership and communication team building, as well as strategic planning, marketing research and work with salespeople and sales managers. He has consulted with a number of Fortune 500 firms as well as smaller owner-managed firms. His research and publications have spanned industrial, wholesale/retail and service organizations and trade associations. In addition to these activities, John has authored and participated in several hundred executive and management development programs throughout the United States and abroad.

Dr. Schlacter is primarily interested in the behavioral aspects of organizations and the marketplace, as well as strategic market planning and the development of marketing intelligence systems. He recently received the award for outstanding teaching and contributing to ASU's Center for Executive Development. He has also served as Assistant Dean for the School and Assistant Chair for the Department, and has published over eighty articles appearing in a variety of management and marketing journals and trade publications.

Dr. Schlacter consults in the areas of both marketing and management, and has over thirty years of experience in these fields. The majority of his work has involved organizational development, motivation and leadership and communication team building, as well as strategic planning, marketing research and work with salespeople and sales managers. He has consulted with a number of Fortune 500 firms as well as smaller owner-managed firms. His work has spanned industrial, wholesale/retail and service organizations and trade associations. In addition to his consulting activities, he has authored and participated in several hundred executive and management development programs throughout the United States and abroad.

Dr. Schlacter’s particular interest in Human Health derives from a family background of health practitioners as well as his own personal set of experiences. He has researched and written in the area of stress management, and consults and presents programs related to this topic. His desire is to continue to explore ways to combine traditional medicine with alternative approaches and to use his strategy and marketing background to help further this goal. Return to Top

John Fees
Managing Partner, Access Venture Group, LLC

John Fees is an entrepreneur, strategic marketing executive and business leader who currently serves as the Managing Partner of Access Venture Group, LLC, a business that invests in and operates high growth companies that provide innovative solutions to students and families helping each bridge the gap towards achieving a post-secondary education.

From 1999-2006, Fees also served as the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Y2M: Youth Media and Marketing Networks. Y2M owned and operated College Publisher, the nation’s largest online network of college newspapers serving more than 500 colleges and universities, over 2 million subscribers and 120 national advertisers. Fees led the successful media business thru August of 2006, when he completed the sale of Y2M to Viacom’s MTV Networks. mtvU - Y2M Acquisition Announcement Aug 2 2006.pdf Y2M was the first company in North America to create a national university media network with commercial rights to print, online and email editions. Y2M worked with a wide variety of clients including Ford Motor Company, Sony, Samsung, AT&T, GEICO, Education Lending Group, Chase, Monster, Goldman Sachs, AOL among others.

During the same period, Fees also co-founded Members Connect which became a consumer finance marketing company that focused on marketing education credit products. The company emerged as the largest affinity / partnership marketing company in the North American education finance market. The company also owned and operated Ed-Loans.com, eGrad.com and BrokeScholar.com three highly regarded web sites that help college students and their families pay for and manage the cost of a college education. The company was sold in 2004 to Collegiate Funding Services. CFS & Y2M Announcement.pdf

From 2004-2006, Fees served as an executive officer of Collegiate Funding Services prior to and thru its public listing as on NASDAQ (CFSI) based in Virginia, USA. Collegiate Funding Services markets, originates, finances and services education loans. Since 1998, Collegiate Funding Services facilitated the origination of more than $18 billion in education loans with $4.6 billion in loans being generated in 2005. The company was acquired in March of 2006 by JPMorgan Chase (JPM). JPMorganChase Acquires CFS Release.pdf

During 2006, Fees served as Executive Vice President of Chase Educational Finance where he served as an executive in one of the nations’ largest student loan companies. Fees led the partnership and internet marketing business units responsible for producing approximately one billion in student loan volume in 2006. Fees is credited for pioneering the successful use of innovative business strategies including affinity and online marketing of student loans.

Fees also served as the Senior Vice President, First USA Partners (Affinity Partners International) where he was responsible for creating affinity credit card partnerships in the collegiate and affinity market. In addition to his experience in consumer finance organizations, he also served as Membership Marketing Vice President at Student Advantage, the nations’ largest student membership organization and also served three years as the Vice President / Chief Operating Officer of the Arizona State University Alumni Association.

Fees is a graduate of Arizona State University, where he received a bachelors of science degree in History and also a graduate of Harvard Business School where he completed a Masters in Business Administration.

John Fees lives in Phoenix, Arizona and is married to Melissa Soza Fees, Ph.D.. and is the father of three children. Fees has a keen interest in media/current affairs, Arizona history, private equity investing, anything entrepreneurial. In addition, he enjoys cooking, photography and is an out-of-form tennis and golf player. Return to Top

Nicole M. Holt
Arizona Credit Union System, General Counsel

Nicole M. Holt joined the Arizona Credit Union System as General Counsel in 2006.

Nicole's primary role is to provide compliance guidance to credit unions in Arizona through informational e-mails, the Compliance Alliance webpage, as well as quarterly compliance network meetings. Additionally, Nicole serves as an advocate for credit unions both at the state and federal levels and works closely with the System's lobbyists to review proposed legislation.

A graduate of Eastern Michigan University and Case Western Reserve School of Law, Nicole spent four years as an associate attorney in Cleveland, Ohio before joining the System. Practice areas included banking and regulatory law, employment law, and workers’ compensation law.

Nicole is licensed to practice law in both the states of Ohio and Arizona and is a member of various professional groups: the State Bar of Arizona, the Maricopa County Bar Association, the Association of Corporate Counsel, and the American Bar Association. Return to Top

C. Lee Brice, Vice President
Desert Schools Federal Credit Union

C. Lee Brice joined the management team of Desert Schools Federal Credit Union as Marketing Director in 1983. From there her career took many paths, at one point leading back to marketing for a total of 12 years, directing the marketing efforts of Arizona's largest credit union. During her marketing career, Lee produced the first television commercials for the credit union, introduced the concept of business development, established the first advertising agency relationship and was a keynote speaker at the CUES Marketing Conference. Along the way, her other responsibilities were many and varied, from data processing conversions to sales incentive implementations and from ATM networking to in-store branching. In 2002, she was instrumental in the opening of the Desert Schools' first in-store branch, now part of a network of 33. Today, as Vice President of Member Support Services, Lee's efforts include a 100 machine ATM network, instant issue debit cards at the branches, the member call center and an innovative, internal call center supporting member-facing staff and strategic planning.

Currently, Lee is a member of the Filene Institute i3 program, working with a team to identify, develop and test innovations in the credit union industry. She also serves on the National Clearing House Association Board of Directors.Return to Top

Todd Pearson, Senior Vice President/COO
Arizona Central Credit Union

Todd Pearson is the Senior Vice President/COO of Arizona Central Credit Union in Phoenix, Arizona. He has been with Arizona Central Credit Union since 2002. Todd is responsible for Branch Operations, Consumer Lending, Business Financial Services, Marketing, Member Services, Business Development as well as several other areas. Prior to working at ACCU, he was with the Arizona Credit Union League where he was VP of Indirect Lending, before being promoted to VP of Financial Services. Todd was born and raised in Phoenix and is a graduate of ASU with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Return to Top

Tom Kane, Chief Operating Officer
USA Federal Credit Union

Mr. Kane is the Chief Operating Officer at USA Federal Credit Union, a $700 million credit union in San Diego, California. Prior to moving to USA, Tom was the President/CEO of four different credit unions, Fort Campbell Federal Credit Union in Clarksville, Tennessee, Warren Federal Credit Union in Cheyenne, Wyoming IBEW Plus Credit Union in Las Vegas and ISU Community Credit Union in Ames, Iowa. He has also held the titles of Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Office with CUNA Credit Union, Vice President of Market Research at Credit Union National Association and Assistant Vice President of Marketing at Bank One Wisconsin.

Tom has a Bachelor of Business Administration-Finance from the University of Wisconsin and is currently enrolled in an Executive MBA program through the University of Wyoming.
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Rico Bautista, President/CEO
GHS Federal Credit Union

Mr. Bautista recently joined GHS Federal Credit Union as CEO in 2008. Before GHS Federal Credit Union, he served as Senior Vice President/CIO of Altier Credit Union (formerly SRP Credit Union) since 1995 and has 16 years of credit union background in operations, accounting, Information Systems, lending and marketing. Prior to working with this organization, he served as the Director of Operations & Information Technology for Affinity FCU and Systems Analyst for Anheuser-Busch both in New Jersey. He previously served as a member of Fi-Serv EFT Client Advisory Board and Digital Insight Lending Council.

He graduated from Rutgers University in Newark, NJ with a B.A. in Computer Information Science, University of Phoenix with a B.S. in Business Management\Marketing and completed the CUES CEO Institute I at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Return to Top

Lowell Stevens, Executive Vice President
Tulare County FCU

Lowell is the Executive Vice President at Tulare County FCU, having joined the Credit Union in 2004. He began his credit union career in 1988 as controller for Pasadena School Employees FCU, took a position as CFO for E-Central Credit Union in 1999, and then accepted the position of President/CEO of Pacific Transportation FCU in 2002. He has also owned his own business, primarily focused on consulting in the areas of finance & accounting, asset/liability management, investments and policies and procedures. Return to Top

Robb Scott, President/CEO
Deer Valley Credit Union

Robb Scott is the CEO of Deer Valley Credit Union in Phoenix, Arizona. He has spent 14 years with credit unions as an accountant, CFO and CEO. Robb’s career began at the First Corporate Credit Union after graduating with a degree in Accounting from Northern Arizona University. Robb spearheaded a conversion of Deer Valley Credit Union to a state community charter. After 30 years of existence as a single sponsor credit union with fewer than 20 select employee groups (SEGs), he focused his team on expanding marketing, adding new branches, and providing world-class service to create new growth for the organization.

Robb completed his Masters in Business Administration from Arizona State University and also holds a Certified Public Accounting certificate from the State of Arizona. Return to Top

Jason M. Dias

Jason M. Dias is a nationally recognized speaker, trainer consultant and facilitator in the areas of Generational Marketing and Management. His speaking style is candid, direct and has been uniformly praised by thousands across the country for his ability to inform and inspire. He offers a variety of keynote and staff training workshops that other business professionals have said are simply better than any training they have ever experienced.

His Keynote Sessions have been the highest rated sessions at every Financial Trade Show since 2002. He scored the highest rating of any presenter at the World Council of Credit Unions in Rome.

Jason earned his B.A. in American History from The University of Texas at San Antonio (1993) and is a US Army and Desert Storm Veteran. Return to Top

Harold Bates, CPA, Executive VP/CIO
Community Resources Credit Union

Harold Bates has over twenty eight years of senior management experience with commercial banks and credit unions in Texas, Colorado, New Mexico and Alaska. He has served in a variety of executive positions including CFO, COO, CIO and CEO. In addition, his career includes consulting services experience in the areas of mergers/acquisitions and investment portfolio management.

Mr. Bates' current responsibilities include direction of Marketing and Retail Sales services for Community Resource Credit Union, Baytown, TX.. Areas of specific focus include: (1) Profitability Analysis and Measurement of Direct Marketing Activities, (2) Integration of Information Technology to Enhance Marketing Effectiveness, (3) Role of Youth Marketing in Future Credit Union Growth and (4) Community Charters; answering the questions, "who are we" and "where should we go from here"?

Mr. Bates earned his Bachelor of Accountancy Degree from Baylor University, Masters of Business Administration from Southern Methodist University and is a member of the American Society of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). He also holds several licenses with the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) and serves as an investment advisor with the Amherst Securities Group, L.P. Credit Union Division. Return to Top

Howard Sobelman
Attorney at Law, Snell & Wilmer

Practice concentrated in intellectual property law, including patents, copyrights, trademarks, licensing and intellectual property due diligence related to software, hardware, internet, business methods, financial planning, insurance products, medical products, mechanical, biotechnology, fiber optics, holography and various other technologies. In addition, he has worked with a number of clients to develop creative global protection strategies. Return to Top

Karen Sadler
Age Conversation Specialist

Thirty years of experience as a sales and marketing executive, educator and entrepreneur have shaped Karen Sadler into a highly respected "Age Conversation Specialist." Recognizing the need to bridge the communication gap among the generations, Karen brings her upbeat and enthusiastic style into the rapidly changing senior living marketplace. A passionate advocate for seniors and a dedicated teacher for families and businesses coping with the challenges of aging, Karen inspires people to take action.

Today, Karen is actively employed in the senior living industry where she makes a daily difference in the lives of seniors by enriching their physical, mental and emotional wellness. Never far from her roots as a teacher, Karen is a keynote speaker and workshop leader with a mission to raise awareness about aging choices.

With her Bachelor of Arts degree from Arizona State University, Karen’s first career was as an elementary teacher in Phoenix, Arizona. After deciding to enter the corporate world, Karen held sales and marketing positions with Fortune 100 companies including Xerox and CIGNA. Wanting to spread her entrepreneurial wings, Karen eventually launched her own company Star Horizons, dedicated to teaching principles of employee excellence.
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